University of Southern California

Current and Recent Research Projects
The Natural Language Group at ISI has a wide range of ongoing projects, including those related to statistical machine translation, tree transducers, parsing and synchronous tree grammars, discriminative word alignment, question answering, summarization, ontologies, information retrieval, and natural language generation.
Principal Research Areas
Statistical Machine Translation
syntax-based translation
tree transducers
statistical word alignment
morphological modeling
language modeling
Ontologies, Text Mining, and Lexical Semantics
semantic representation
semi-automated ontology creation
question answering
large-scale text annotation
semantic clustering
Machine Learning
multi-dimensional search and   optimization
statistical inference
knowledge prediction
Digital Government
database alignment
public commentary analysis
automated ontology creation
Information Retrieval and Extraction
semantic clustering
relation extraction
opinion identification
large-scale data processing
biomedical information extraction
Discourse and Summarization
discourse parsing
text summarization
discourse theory
language generation
automated summarization evaluation
USC is home to one of the fastest and most powerful supercomputing clusters in the world, and has been ranked among the top ten most powerful computer system in an academic setting in the nation. The USC Center for High-Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) has quickly risen to become a leader in research computing. The NL group uses this large computing grid to support ongoing research projects.
The Natural Language Group at USC/ISI has a long and unbroken history of informal weekly seminars. Researchers, faculty, and students from ISI, as well as visiting researchers from other institutions, meet to present ideas, report on interesting experiments, and even give practice talks for upcoming conference meetings.
Since 1995, the Intelligent Systems Division at USC/ISI has run an AI seminar series, in which excellent speakers, often from outside the university, visit, give talks, and meet with other ISI researchers.
Downloadable Software
Summarization Evaluation
[Tratz and Hovy, 2008]

Finite-state string transducer tookit
[Knight and Graehl, 1999]

Word alignment package for Statistical Machine Translation
[Riesa et al., 2011]

Phrase-based decoder for Statistical Machine Translation
[Koehn et al., 2003]

Word-level decoder for Statistical Machine Translation
[Germann et al., 2001]

Summarization evaluation
[Lin and Hovy, 2004, 2006]

Finite-state tree transducer toolkit
[May and Knight, 2006]